What Can Two Lakes Media Group Do For You?

If you need words, printed or virtual, Two Lakes Media Group can help. We provide exceptional writing, editing, proofreading and social media services to help position you as a clear leader in your field. Clients include individuals, organizations/corporations, print/online publishers and authors/musicians.

Need a contributor to your print or digital publication? Looking for new copy for your organization’s website? In search of more content for an online newsletter? How about an extra set of eyes or additional direction for your book or eBook project? Want help getting your music heard by more listeners?

At Two Lakes Media Group, our expertise includes:
• Generating blogs and other content for websites and online newsletters
• Writing articles and copy for magazines and other printed materials
• Proofreading hard copy of books, dissertations, brochures and other important documents
• Writing easy-to-understand copy for commercial websites, educational course descriptions and technical manuals
• Delivering blogs and other content marketing
• Creating press releases
• Ghostwriting articles
• Managing websites and social media pages
• Consulting for writing instruction and social media management

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, the company is owned by Michael Popke, an award-winning journalist with more than 25 years of professional experience in print and digital media. He has worked as a newspaper reporter, business-to-business magazine and online newsletter editor, social media content generator, freelance writer, book editor/reviewer and music critic.

For more information about what Two Lakes Media Group can do for you, please contact us.