Two Lakes Media Group Makes A Splash

SplashBetween 1995 and mid-2013, when I was managing editor of three business-to-business magazines, the quality of press releases, submitted articles and social media posts slowly but steadily declined.

Companies that laid off their marketing people years ago — no doubt presuming that “anyone can write a press release!” — would email me three pages of information about some amazing new product, but then refer to its name three different ways. Worse, some businesses didn’t even bother to make sure their news would be relevant to my magazine before they fired off a press release that failed to include any contact info.

Freelance writers would misspell the names of facilities, place cities in the wrong state and use “their” when the word they really wanted is “they’re.” And even though tweeting inherently involves abbreviating, too many status updates by real live professionals contain too many missing vowels.

These oversights and others obviously frustrated me, but rather than just let these mistakes slide, I decided to do something about the problem — like help stop it. This world needs more editors, I thought.

Or at least it needs more people who can help turn online content, press releases, manuscripts, dissertations and pretty much anything else with words into clean, compelling copy that actually gets read.

So I founded Two Lakes Media Group, because words still matter.

For those of you who are curious, inspiration for the company’s name came from the two lakes (Mendota and Monona) that bookend the downtown isthmus of Madison, Wisconsin, a city where I’ve spent the majority of my professional life. My mission is simple yet critical: To help position you as a leader in your field — one word at a time.

For more information about how Two Lakes Media Group can do that, please contact me.

Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from you…

— Michael Popke
Two Lakes Media Group