What Clients and Editors Say About Michael Popke and Two Lakes Media Group: 

“Michael Popke is one of the best writers in the country.”

— Jay Hammes, President
 Safe Sport Zone LLC (Racine, Wis.)

“Michael Popke has transformed our business, which is based on intangible concepts, into a sophisticated, clear and engaging model. Working with Michael is a sheer pleasure, as he grasps our vision and intentions very quickly and guides us through ideas and suggestions that always get us one step further than we anticipated. Michael is also extremely respectful of his clients’ time, budget and objectives. I am grateful that our paths crossed, as his writing and editing skills are a cornerstone of our success.”

— Valérie Berset-Price, Founder/Managing Director
      Professional Passport (Portland, Ore.)

“Michael Popke is what every editor wants out of a freelancer. He turns in clean copy, hits every deadline and effortlessly tells a great story in the process. I’ll continue enlisting Michael as a freelancer as long as he’ll accept the work!”

— Andy Berg, Executive Editor
Athletic Business magazine (Madison, Wis.)

Today’s homebuyers and sellers start their search online, which means that I better have a presence with personality. I can help with the actual home purchase, but grabbing the interests of people who have thousands of websites and Realtors to choose from? That’s when Mike Popke steps in. He takes my disjointed, 15-minute rant about the topic of the month and turns it into a clear, concise article that showcases my personality. Without Mike, I would be lost.” 

— Anne Baranski, 2014 Realtor of the Year
Bunbury & Associates/Forever Home Real Estate (Madison, Wis.)

“Mike is our go-to writer for special projects. Whether they involve one or 10 sources, he consistently meets deadlines, favorably represents In Business with clients and is a nice guy who is easy to work with. Our entire team — editors, designers and sales staff — appreciate Mike’s professionalism and work ethic.”

— Jon Konarske, Publisher
In Business magazine (Madison, Wis.)

“Mike is, by far, the best freelancer I have ever worked with. I knew I could turn over a project to Mike with confidence that he would handle the interviewing and writing process with utmost professionalism and no need for further supervision. His writing is excellent and requires little to no editing, and he’s also a top-notch proofreader. I would highly recommend Mike for any writing or editing project.”

— Kim M. Wahlgren, Editor
Wood Floor Business magazine (Madison, Wis.)

“As a media account executive, it’s important to have a dependable freelancer who I can confidently recommend to my customers. Mike is the best. Not only does he produce great work, but his personality, work ethic, flexibility and attitude give me a real sense of peace when he’s on the project. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.”

— Jared Fish, Account Executive
AQUA magazine (Madison, Wis.)

“Our clients expect results fast. That’s why I use Mike Popke as my secret weapon. For my McGraw-Hill book, Accelerate the Sale, manuscript editors commented that they had rarely seen a draft so clean. The senior project editor commented that it was a great read and that my voice came through loud and clear; 90,000 words and only six changes. That’s a testament to Mike’s exceptional abilities. I’ve worked with Mike for 16 years, three books and countless articles. If I write it, he edits it. And clients love it.”

— Mark Rodgers, Principal Partner, Peak Performance Business Group/
Author of Accelerate the Sale and The Persuasion Equation (Milwaukee, Wis.)

“The American Chestnut Foundation has passionate members throughout the U.S., some of whom we like to feature in our magazine. Michael Popke wrote a piece on one such member who lives in Wisconsin. He made an effort to connect personally with the member and it showed. His descriptive writing style, incorporation of lively quotes and personal approach to the story made it a must-read from beginning to end!”

— Jules Smith, Media and Communications Manager
The American Chestnut Foundation (Asheville, N.C.)

“Michael Popke is a freelance writer I can trust to do the assignments we turn over to him efficiently and thoroughly. It’s so helpful to be able to give him contact information for interviewees, and guidelines for interviews, and trust that he will put together a piece that fits right into our school’s voice. He helps to keep our writing and editing processes smooth and quick. Thanks for the hard work, Mike!”

— Karri Spataro, Alumni Coordinator
Catholic Memorial High School (Waukesha, Wis.)

“Mike was wonderful to work with on the two projects he did for our company. He is responsive, meets tight deadlines and understands his client’s goals. One of the projects Mike helped us with was writing/editing copy for our new website. He did a fantastic job of understanding our voice and keeping it consistent. We definitely want to work with him in the future.”

— Rachel Busby, Senior Marketing Coordinator
JQ Engineering (Dallas, Texas)

“Michael is a true professional! He quickly grasps your vision and consistently delivers high-quality material within deadlines. Michael is one of the rare true wordsmiths left. It’s a pleasure to work with him.”

— Iannick Di Sanza, Marketing Coordinator
Beynon Sports/FieldTurf (Montreal, Quebec)

“I have worked with Michael many times over the years. He is always professional, detailed, courteous and responsible. He takes deadlines seriously and keeps in contact throughout the process. He is a pleasure to work with. In fact, I can confidently say that he is my favorite editor!”

— Kay Lum, Owner
Kay Lum Design (Madison, Wis.)

“I approached Michael Popke to help me craft my proposal for ASHA Leader magazine, the monthly publication for and about audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and speech, language and hearing scientists. He assisted me in making my “First Person/Last Page” column ready for the editors. This process involved explaining my experiences with my moyamoya diagnosis to readers. I entered with no writing experience, and I ended up beyond blessed with Michael. He is professional, down-to-earth, extremely knowledgeable in his craft and an eloquent writer. He cared not only about my manuscript proposal but also me as the author. I have every intention of employing him in the future as I expand my professional writing endeavors. I would highly recommend him for any writing or editing project.”

— Kelly Braker, Speech/Language Pathologist
Beaver Dam Unified School District (Beaver Dam, Wis.)

“Even in Mike’s busy schedule, he found the time to edit my first book. I am extremely grateful for his expertise and abilities to help me meet my deadline.”

— Sherry M. Jacobs, Author of Bucky Bass 

“Michael Popke really immersed himself in my project. He met with me multiple times to get a feel for what I was looking for. In the end, he wrote a bio and press release, and designed a promo email. He knocked it out of the park with everything. Michael is professional and delivers when he says he will. On top of all that, he is a really nice guy and very easy to work with. I look forward to hiring him to help me promote projects in the future.”

— Dustin Sisson, Founder/Vocalist
Team Data Amplifier (Madison, Wis.)

“Michael at Two Lakes Media provided content for a website revision I am doing. He listened carefully to my vision and produced content that is engaging, fun to read and effective at communicating to my fans and to others who go to my website. Working with Michael is easy and fun. I highly recommend him.”

— Tisha Brown, Vocalist
(Madison, Wis.)

Mike’s writing style illuminates our strengths as indie musicians. He has a niche for highlighting parts of our music that we were unaware of. Mike wrote our one-sheet and band bio, and we’ve scored airplay on three  radio stations and will continue to partner with Two Lakes Media to promote our music.”

— Jake Paul, Singer-Songwriter
(Milwaukee, Wis.)

Mike is a pleasure to work with. His reviews are consistently timely and incisive. He demonstrates a working knowledge of the book publishing industry that enables him to review across genres. I can always count on him to turn in a review that is both insightful and level-headed. We are lucky to have him at PW.

— Annie Coreno, Reviews Editor
Publishers Weekly magazine (New York, N.Y.)

“Mike has always made his deadlines, handled simultaneous assignments with aplomb, and conveyed his feelings and analyses of the books he’s covered in clear prose. But aside from being a consummate professional, what was also key for me as an editor of his was that we could conduct our business and maintain a relaxed relationship, engaging in conversations about music or current events or issues in the publishing industry. Mike produced great work because he enjoys doing it, and that simple fact is reflected in the results.”

— Alex Crowley, Reviews Editor
Publishers Weekly magazine (New York, N.Y.)

“My hope was to stay focused while writing; Mike lets writers know if they are straying from where they are headed. When I read typos, it bugs me. I thought I was good at catching them, but he finds more, every time. I wanted someone I could trust — as if with my life story. I felt that trust in Mike from our first meeting. We are glad to pass any written material past Mike for that educated eye. He’s professional, trustworthy and he’s got that all-around-nice-guy feel about him. Mike’s our guy!”

— Christine McDiarmid, Co-Founder
Reallygoods (Nashotah, Wis.)

“Michael has been unfailingly accurate in content and has fulfilled all deadline and word count requirements. I consider him a reliable self-starter, as most if not all of the content he generated for us over the years resulted from his ideas. He has been a pleasure to work with and I can highly recommend his services as a writer.”

— David Luhrssen, Arts & Entertainment Editor
Shepherd Express newspaper (Milwaukee, Wis.)

“Michael has been one of the most recognizable writers on the staff, in many instances taking on a wealth of new product to review and completing reviews in a very timely fashion. Our readers look forward to and enjoy his reviews and articles. Michael also spearheaded our “Staff Blog” section. Along with our Web Master, myself and our Editor in Chief, Michael helped put the whole idea together, which has become another important place for our readers to go. He has been a valued member of the team now for 13 years, and I look forward to many more years of his contributions and insight!”

— Peter Pardo, Publisher 
SeaOfTranquility.org (Newburgh, N.Y.)