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Three New Year’s Resolutions For Anybody Who Writes

I’m a New-Year’s-resolutions kind of guy, so I would be remiss if I didn’t share these three easy ways in which you can resolve to write more effective emails, texts, social media posts and blogs in 2014:  1. Think before you type. Social media turns fleeting thoughts into digital reality. We’re practically programmed to write the first […]

How Not To Be ‘Responsible’ on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently published its top 10 overused profile buzzwords for 2013. This is something the company began doing four years ago, and “responsible” tops the latest list. In fact, it was overused twice as much as any other word, including such overused holdovers from 2012 as “creative,” “effective” and “analytical.” (“Experimental,” “motivated,” “multinational” and “specialized” didn’t make the […]

Three Reasons Why Words Still Matter

Forget what you’ve heard about how the value of the printed word decreases every day, how spelling no longer matters and how abbreviations like “JK,” “LOL” and “IMHO” are perfectly acceptable outside of the virtual world. Here are three reasons why words still matter — more than ever: 1. Content, as the cliché goes, is still […]

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Two Lakes Media Group Makes A Splash

Between 1995 and mid-2013, when I was managing editor of three business-to-business magazines, the quality of press releases, submitted articles and social media posts slowly but steadily declined. Companies that laid off their marketing people years ago — no doubt presuming that “anyone can write a press release!” — would email me three pages of […]