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‘Like’ Us on Facebook, and We’ll Remind You Why Words Still Matter

Do you get frustrated when other people misuse apostrophes, or are you a misuser yourself? Do you agree that “reading is the gateway to whatever we want to do” and that “nothing leaves a bad first impression like a poorly written or poorly punctuated email”? And do you simply enjoy words because they’re words? If […]

‘Weird Al’: English Teacher of the Year?

“Weird Al” Yankovic, king of pop-song parodies, has done more for the English language this week than some teachers do in a year.  To promote his latest album, Mandatory Fun — which contains parodies of Pharrell’s “Happy” (“Tacky”), Lorde’s “Royals” (“Foil”) and Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” (“Handy”) — “Weird Al” is in the midst of releasing eight […]

Grammar Points #2: Don’t Mention ‘Not to Mention’

Did your high school English teacher remind you to “Don’t state the obvious” when writing research papers or essays? Well, the same holds true in any kind of writing. If you have to mention “not to mention” — which usually means “to say nothing of something too obvious to mention” — then don’t mention it. “Our […]