Where Is One of the Last Places You Want to See Typos?

I hate typos, but we’re all guilty of making them. What really frustrates me, as a writer and editor, is seeing completely inexcusable typos. Near downtown Madison, Wis., for example, a restaurant illuminates a fluorescent sign every single night that reads: “Immediate Seatnig.”

Lately I’ve noticed typos in one public place where they should never be: School buildings. We’re supposed to put the education of future generations in the hands of individuals who can’t even spell-check a nine-word computer-generated sign?

Here’s one I saw at Middleton (Wis.) High School during a swim meet last weekend, which led to some fun comments on our Facebook page:











And here’s another one I saw at a Catholic elementary/middle school in Madison, posted right next to the gymnasium:











Come on! You mean nobody on staff noticed that? Even when they were stapling up the strip of paper that read “TAST TESTING”?

What signs with typos have you seen lately? And why do you think nobody bothers to correct them?