Authors & Musicians

The rise of self-publishing and digital media has only amplified the need for authors to hire a strong editor and proofreader. Today’s eBook enthusiasts frequently hand out one-star reviews to titles simply because they found a few typos — regardless of the book’s actual content. And we all know prospective buyers read the bad reviews.

Same thing goes for musicians. If you can’t write an error-free, two-paragraph description of your music for prospective editors, reviewers and listeners, why should they invest an hour of their time listening to your songs?

Two Lakes Media Group has experience editing books for both large publishing houses (Accelerate the Sale: Kick-Start Your Personal Selling Style to Close More Sales, Faster) and small independent presses (Guardian Of the Gods: Inside the Dangerous Business of Music). Owner Michael Popke has reviewed books for Publishers Weekly magazine for two decades and been a music journalist interviewing, reviewing and hanging out with bands for more than 25 years. His work has appeared in a variety of national and international music publications, including Goldmine, Progression and Powerplay.