Three Ways to Add Fireworks to Your Writing

As July 4th approaches, you may be ready to make some noise and celebrate what Bob Seger refers to as “the height of summer.” So maybe writing isn’t a priority over the next few days, but there are plenty of ways to add color and crackle to your writing all year long. Here are three of them:   […]

How to Edit Yourself

We’re all editors these days. Well, at least we should be. Whenever we write — be it a business proposal, a research paper, an article, a blog post, an email, a social media comment or even a text — we should edit ourselves. But who am I kidding? Seems like self-editing has gradually become a […]

How to Write a Better Online Review

When you’re booking a hotel, making a restaurant reservation or considering which book to read next, do you check out the online reviews? My own unscientific research suggests people who write those reviews do it for one of four reasons: 1. They’re bored. 2. They want attention. 3. They have a gripe (legitimate or not) […]

Why ‘Dead Poets Society’ Still Matters

Aug. 11 marks the four-year anniversary of actor and comedian Robin Williams’ death. I’ve been thinking about the man lately, especially with the recent publication of David Itzkoff’s 550-page biography Robin and the new documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, which debuted on HBO earlier this month. One of my all-time favorite films is […]